returns a valid filesystem path.

npm install path-resolver
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returns a valid filesystem path.

New stuff:

  • v0.0.2
    • resolves to process.cwd() if they aren't absolute paths


this is a really insanely simple module to do path normalization, and existence checking. How simple? <30 lines of coffeescript.


npm install path-resolver and then require('path-resolver').<method> where method is guess,sync, or async.


sync check (existential checking is done, in sync)

if ((path = require('path-resolver').sync("/path/to/file.ext")) != false)
  console.log("valid path given: "+path);

async check (existential checking is done, async [needs callback])

  if (path != false)
    console.log("valid path given: "+path);
    console.log("bad path!");

and guess check (no existential checks done)

if ((path = require('path-resolver').guess("/path/to/file.ext")) != false)
  console.log("probably valid path given (syntax is correct): "+path);

A bit more info...

so a sync check uses fs.existsSync whereas async uses fs.exists. guess does check at all, just syntax verifies the path. if any of these methods return false, the path syntax was invalid, or (if using sync or async) the path doesn't exist in the filesystem.

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