A window.location listener with added relish

npm install pather
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Disclaimer: This is work in progress

Works in browsers supporting the HTML5 History API, for older browsers, a polyfill like devote/HTML5-History-API is required.



Pather.on("/foo/bar", function() {
  console.log("Enter /foo/bar");

window.history.pushState({}, null, "/foo/bar")

Named parameters (Sinatra/Backbone style)

Pather.on("/foo/:a/:b", function(a, b) {
  console.log("Enter /foo/"+a+"/"+b);

window.history.pushState({}, null, "/foo/bar/baz")

You can also match against the location hash:

Try in jsfiddle

Pather.on("/fruits/:fruit/#:bookmark", function(fruit, bookmark) {
  console.log('Now display the "%s" section of the page about the "%s"', bookmark, fruit);

window.history.pushState({}, null, "/fruits/banana/")
window.location.hash = "nutrition_facts"
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