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npm install peer
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PeerServer: A server for PeerJS

PeerServer helps broker connections between PeerJS clients. Data is not proxied through the server.

If you prefer to use a cloud hosted PeerServer instead of running your own, sign up for a free API key here

Run PeerServer

Install the library:

$> npm install peer

Run the server:

$> peerjs --port 9000 --key peerjs

Or, create a custom server:

var PeerServer = require('peer').PeerServer;
var server = new PeerServer({port: 9000, path: '/myapp'});

Connecting to the server from PeerJS:

    // No API key required when not using cloud server
    var peer = new Peer('someid', {host: 'localhost', port: 9000, path: '/myapp'});

Using HTTPS: Simply pass in PEM-encoded certificate and key.

var fs = require('fs');
var PeerServer = require('peer').PeerServer;

var server = new PeerServer({
  port: 9000,
  ssl: {
    key: fs.readFileSync('/path/to/your/ssl/key/here.key'),
    certificate: fs.readFileSync('/path/to/your/ssl/certificate/here.crt')


The 'connection' event is emitted when a peer connects to the server.

server.on('connection', function(id) { ... })

The 'disconnect' event is emitted when a peer disconnects from the server or when the peer can no longer be reached.

server.on('disconnect', function(id) { ... })


Discuss PeerJS on our Google Group:!forum/peerjs

Please post any bugs as a Github issue.

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