Continuous JavaScript Performance Monitoring with Benchmark.js & Karma/Testacular

npm install perftacular
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Continuous JavaScript Performance Monitoring with Benchmark.js, Karma/Testacular and Jenkins CI.


npm install perftacular --save-dev


Example here from the Perftacular-Underscore example project.

benchmark('_.each', function () {
  when('iterating over an array', function () {
    _.each([1, 2, 3], function(el){
      return el;
  when('iterating over an object', function () {
    _.each({one : 1, two : 2, three : 3}, function(el){
      return el;

Karma Configuration

Include the perftacular script before any of your scripts or tests.

files = [

Use the junit reporter so that a test-results.xml file is created that you can feed into Jenkins.

reporters = ['progress', 'junit'];
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