Azer's Personal API Server

npm install personal-api
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API server to publish personal info. Example APIs:,

$ personal-api azer.json


$ npm install -g personal-api


Create a JSON file of your personal info:

  "name": "Azer Koçulu",
  "email": "",
  "age": "26",
  "gender": "male",
  "city": "Oakland",
  "hometown": "Kalkan",
  "instagram": "oakazer",
  "photo": "",
  "favorite food": "mantı",
  "favorite show": "leyla ile mecnun",
  "religious view": "atheist"

And start the server:

$ personal-api me.json

Run personal-api -h or see docs/man for command-line options.

Running Programmatically

var api = require('personal-api')

api.start('me.json', 8000, 'localhost')

You can customize the output depending on the Accept type:

api.server.format('/', 'text/plain', function (context, match) {
  return {
    contentType: 'text/plain',
    response: 'Name: ' + + ' E-Mail: ' +

Compatible with cats

It'll work for cats, as well. Example cat API:

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