Maps HTTP request to Postgresql stored procedures

npm install pgproc.http
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Automagic Postgres HTTP API for stored procedures

Getting Started

To run the http interface simply invoke pgproc with the arguments as follows:

pgproc postgresql://localhost:5432/mydatabase public 5555

This will make all of the stored procedures in the public schema in mydatabase available via HTTP on port 5555.

How the API Works

Say you have a stored procedure:

public.create_widget( _class text, _properties json ) returns bool

And you turn on pgproc on the port, you can curl data to it via:

curl -X POST http://localhost:5555/create_widget/button -d '{ "width": 300, "height" : 100, "onclick" : "sayHi()" }'

This will invoke the stored procedure as:

create_widget('button','{ "width": 300, "height" : 100, "onclick" : "sayHi()" }')

And will return the HTTP response of

{ "create_widget" : true }

Assuming your stored procedure returns true on success. You could also call this stored procedure using a GET query:

curl http://localhost:5555/create_widget/button/%7b%20%22width%22:%20300%2c%20%22height%22%20:%20100%2c%20%22onclick%22%20:%20%22sayHi%28%29%22%20%7d

But posting stringified json is generally less desirable, but possibly necessary if you design a crappy api.

The rules are:

* first path parameter is the stored procedure name
* POST methods place their body as text or json in the last argument to the stored procedure
* A JSON representation of the return type { "function_name" : return_value } will be returned

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