Session manager for journeyman with redis

npm install photoalbum
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Photo Album

Session manager for Journey that uses Redis for storage.

var redis_host = 'localhost';
var redis_port = 6397;
var time_to_live_in_seconds = 1000;

var Journeyman = require('journeyman');
var PhotoAlbum = require('photoalbum');

var journeyman = new Journeyman(4000);

journeyman.use(function(req, res, next) {
  // can access session through req.session

journeyman.use((new PhotoAlbum(time_to_live_in_seconds, redis_host, redis_port)).middleware());


Session is a object that you can set keys on and is saved at the end of the response.


var album = new PhotoAlbum(time_to_live_in_seconds, redis_host, redis_port, {
  namespace: 'namemyspace'

This is prefix session keys with 'namemyspace::'. However this will only happen internally and is not written to the cookies.

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