The mobile-friendly, responsive, and lightweight jQuery date & time input picker.

npm install pickadate
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The mobile-friendly, responsive, and lightweight jQuery date & time input picker.

To get started, check out the:

Homepage - Date picker - Time picker - API

To get it:

Download v3.5.0 or git clone git://github.com/amsul/pickadate.js.git or bower install pickadate

Upgrading from v2 to v3

The v3 API is significantly different from v2 (all for the greater good!). So if you’re upgrading to v3, make sure to read the changelog.

Library files

The lib folder includes the library files with a compressed folder containing the minified counter-parts. These files are minified using Grunt.


There are currently two pickers: date and time.

File Contents Size (min & gzip)
picker.js Base * 1.71kb
picker.date.js Date picker 2.58kb
picker.time.js Time picker 1.83kb

* The base script is required for any of the pickers to function.

To support old browsers, namely IE8, also include the legacy.js file.


All themes are generated using LESS and compiled from the lib/themes-source folder into the lib/themes folder.

File Contents Size (min & gzip)
default.css Base default * 0.47kb
default.date.css Default date picker 0.70kb
default.time.css Default time picker 0.35kb
classic.css Base classic * 0.39kb
classic.date.css Classic date picker 0.70kb
classic.time.css Classic time picker 0.35kb
rtl.css RTL language stylings ** 0.10kb

* One and only one base stylesheet is required. Choose a theme then include the respective pickers as well.

** For languages with text flowing from right-to-left, also include the rtl.css stylesheet.


The translations live in the lib/translations folder. There are currently 38 language translations included.

Building with Grunt

Grunt ~0.4.2 is used to build the project files. To get started, clone the project and then run:

  • npm install to get the required node modules.
  • grunt --verbose to confirm you have all the dependencies.

Read the Gruntfile to see the build tasks and relative directories of the source files.

Styling with LESS

The picker themes are built using LESS with Grunt. To customize the CSS output, read the _variables.less file in the lib/themes-source folder. You can specify:

  • colors for the theme,
  • sizes for the picker,
  • media-query breakpoints,
  • and a whole bunch of other stuff.

After making any changes, run grunt less:themes to compile it into CSS.


To maintain some consistency in the sort of changes to expect with version bumps, Semantic Versioning guidelines is followed as closely as possible:


Constructed as such:

  • major: breaks backward compatibility (resets the minor and patch)
  • minor: new additions with backward compatibility (resets the patch)
  • patch: bug fixes and misc changes


Before opening a new issue, please search the existing Issues for anything similar – there might already be an answer to your problem. You might also wanna check out the Contributing guide.


Before contributing any code to the project, please take a look at the Contributing guide.


If you find this library useful and would like to see further development, consider supporting it.

© 2014 Amsul

Licensed under MIT

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