Sweetly small promises/a+ implementation.

npm install pinky
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Sweetly small promises/a+ implementation.

Platform support

Should work fine in ES3.


var pinky = require('pinky')

var eventual = pinky()
var eventual2 = eventual.then( function(a){ return a + 1 }
                             , function(a){ return a - 1 })

eventual2.then( console.log.bind(console, 'ok:')
              , console.log.bind(console, 'failed:'))
// => ok: 11


Just grab it from NPM:

$ npm install pinky


Tests only run on Node right now, so just:

$ npm test

A note on performance

The promises/a+ specification requires things to be asynchronous. To do that, Pinky uses process.nextTick in Node.js, and setImmediate in a DOM environment. However, setImmediate is a Microsoft thing, and it's unlikely to be implemented anywhere else, and in that case we fall back to the slow setTimeout. Thus, providing a fallback for setImmediate might speed things up a bit.


A quick reference of the API can be built using Calliope:

$ npm install -g calliope
$ calliope build


You can run all tests using Mocha:

$ npm test


MIT/X11. ie.: do whatever you want.

Why? WHY?

Most promise implementations I've seen plainly do way too much. OTOH Minimal promise implementations (like PinkySwear) provide a terrible API, which really sucks.

So, I wrote Pinky to be a minimal and fast baseline for extensions to promises/a+. Some implementation ideas are taken straight out from avow, btw, but I might revisit this in the future and try to optimise things.

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