Freckle CLI tool using node.js

npm install pip
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'Cuz Pippi has freckles.

Basic command line tool for logging hours in let's freckle. Uses the excellent freckle api bindings from the Node.js library created by Tim Branyan @tbranyen.


Create a ~/.freckle file using the config.json file as a template. Modify each variable to your specific information.


Usage: pip [command] [options]

list            List projects associated with your subdomain. This will give you a list of project names and their IDs which you need for logging your entries.
                  ex: pip list

log             Log time entries using various options.
                  ex: pip log -p 101814 -m "quick update" -t 15m

-h, --help      Display this help page.
                  ex: pip -h

-t, --time      Time entry in freckle specified format.
                  ex: pip -t 15m
                  ex: pip -t 1.5h

-p, --project   The project ID.
                  ex: pip -p 101814

-m, --message   Post a message to yammer
                  ex: pip -m "I'm working on pip"
                  ex: pip -m "tag, tag, tag"

-d, --date      Optional date formated in YYYY-MM-DD. Defaults to today.
                  ex: pip -d 2012-07-20

-u, --user      Optional user to log time for. Defaults to user in config.json.
                  ex: pip -u apitest@letsfreckle.com


  • I'd like to have tab completion for project names and tags.
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