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npm install pkjutil
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PkjUtil is a package.json utility tool.

This is handy for upgrading major/minor/patch version in package.json file, and also to upgrade all dependencies to latest version.


npm install -g pkjutil


Upgrade patch version number:

pkjutil upgrade-version

Upgrade minor version number with custom package.json file path:

pkjutil upgrade-version-minor --file /tmp/package.json

Upgrade major version number:

pkjutil upgrade-version-major

Upgrade dependencies:

pkjutil upgrade-dependencies

Upgrade dependencies using custom registry:

pkjutil upgrade-dependencies --registry http://someregistry

List dependencies:

pkjutil list-dependencies

List dev dependencies:

pkjutil list-devdependencies

List dependencies and dev dependencies:

pkjutil list-alldependencies

Sort dependencies:

pkjutil sort-dependencies

Sort dev dependencies:

pkjutil sort-devdependencies

Sort dependencies and dev dependencies:

pkjutil sort-alldependencies
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