Tiny FFmpeg wrapper.

npm install plain-ffmpeg
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Plain FFmpeg

Plain FFmpeg is really tiny library for constructing and executing FFmpeg processes from Node.


  • Output from stderr is formated in JSON
  • Unlike other FFmpeg wrappers, it exposes the actual process and it's events
  • It doesn't provide convinience methods that mask options i.e you'll be using .in('-r', 24) to set the input framerate instead of .setFramerate(24)


One way of starting the process is:

var FFmpeg = require('./plain-ffmpeg');

var ffmpeg = new FFmpeg({
    global: {'-y': null},
    input: {
        '-i': '',
        '-r': 24
    output: {
        '-c:v': 'libx264'

ffmpeg.on('progress', function(progress) {

All methods return the object, so you can chain them like:

var ffmpeg = new FFmpeg('input_path', 'output_path').out('-f', 'mp4').start()

The third argument in the constructor is an options object, so you can pass it presets:

var h264_preset = {
    in: {'-r', '24'},
    out: {
        '-c:v': 'libx264', 
        '-c:a': 'libaac'

var ffmpeg = new FFmpeg('input_path', null, h264_preset).output('output_path');
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