A tiny command-line tool to convert (xml) .plist files to JSON format

npm install plist-to-json
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We all made this mistake at least once: deciding that plist is an ideal format for some piece of data. Once you realize your wrongdoings, this tool will help you liberate your data.


sudo npm install -g plist-to-json


As per --help:

Usage: plist-to-json [options] source.plist

  source.plist          Source file to output as JSON

  -i, --indent SIZE     Indentation size for pretty-printing the output file (defaults to 2)
  -h, --help            Display this usage information

Outputs the result on stdout.

Note: only works with XML plists. If you have a binary (or, heaven forbid, an old-school TextMatish one), run it through the following built-in command first (beware, this one modifies the plist in-place):

plutil -convert xml1 exbinary.plist
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