Plugin Loader - Dynamically requires plugins from a directory when their source code has been updated

npm install ploader
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This project is a dynamic plugin loader module for node.js

It allows a directory of plugins to be reloaded on code change, or when files are added or removed. Below is an example of usage:

var plugins = {};'./plugins', {
    add: function(plugin, file) {
        plugins[file] = plugin;
        console.log(['Loaded plugin:',file].join(' '));
    read: function(plugin, file) {
        // Reread callback
        plugins[file] = plugin;
        console.log(['Reread plugin:',file].join(' '));
    remove: function(file) {
        // Remove plugin on deletion
        delete plugins[file];
        console.log(['Unloaded plugin:',file].join(' '));

Now the plugin hash can be used async and will always contain fresh plugins

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