quick and easy blog module, using markdown, jade, whatever

npm install poet
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Poet Build Status

Poet has your code-blogging back. Renders markdown, jade, or any templated files as posts, tag it up with metadata that's passed into any view engine you want, instant pagination, tag and category views, and home in time for dinner.

View the source for jsantell.com to see an example of Poet in use. Much <3 to Brittany Fedor for the sweet art!

The Node Poet

New Release

v1.0.0-rc4 A giant refactor has occurred -- all tests are passing, and be sure to test when upgrading to this release candidate. Some features may be missing or not working as intended. If you notice any issues, please file a bug.

Some features have been removed and changed, so please note the changes in the change log -- your site may need to be slightly changed to accomodate the 1.x.x releases from previous versions.

Changes in v1.0.0-rc4


Full documentation for Poet can be found at http://jsantell.github.io/poet

Poet In Action

These sites are using Poet for their blogging, check them out! Ping me, or send a PR if you too are using Poet in the wild.


  • npm install poet


Include Poet in your package.json and add it to your app, passing in your Express app and options. Call the init method and routes will be set up!

  express = require('express'),
  app = express(),
  Poet = require('poet');

var poet = Poet(app, {
  posts: './_posts/',
  postsPerPage: 5,
  metaFormat: 'json'

poet.init().then(function () {
  // ready to go!

/* set up the rest of the express app */


To run tests, run npm test from the project root to run the Mocha tests. Generate documentation by updating the docs.md and running make.


Please read the CONTRIBUTING.md for guides on contributions.


MIT License, Copyright (c) 2012 Jordan Santell

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