pomelo-masterha-plugin ======================

npm install pomelo-masterha-plugin
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master ha plugin for pomelo, it can be used in pomelo(>=0.6).

pomelo-masterha-plugin is a master ha plugin for pomelo, which uses zookeeper to make master as high availability cluster.


npm install pomelo-masterha-plugin


Make sure you have installed zookeeper first, then you have built the path you pass to pomelo. The configure code in app.js is as follows:

var masterhaPlugin = require('pomelo-masterha-plugin');

app.configure('production|development', function() {

  app.use(masterhaPlugin, {
    zookeeper: {
      server: '',
      path: '/pomelo/master'


You can start your application using pomelo start as before, then use pomelo-daemon to start a slave master.

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