pomelo-protobuf-plugin ====================

npm install pomelo-protobuf-plugin
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pomelo-protobuf-plugin is a plugin for pomelo, it can be used in pomelo(>=0.9).

pomelo-protobuf-plugin provides messages encode&decode service for pomelo, and it uses ProtoBuf.js to do this thing.


npm install pomelo-protobuf-plugin


the protos file should use json format, for it would be compatible for pomelo-protobuf. If you use proto file, you can use ProtoBuf.js to turn it to json file.

the default protos files are /config/serversProtos.json and /config/clientProtos.json, and you can specify your own protos files.

var protobuf = require('pomelo-protobuf-plugin');

    app.use(protobuf, {
        protobuf: {
            // serverProtos: /yourprotofilepath/
            // clientProtos: /yourprotofilepath/
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