A command-line and telnet presentation tool.

npm install presentate
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Presentate is a terminal presentation tool. It enables you to create presentations that are as beautiful as your terminal can be. If web browsers can be in the terminal, why can't presentations?

Basic usage

Create a file called pslides.js. This should be a node module that exports an array of "slides". A slide is just a string. Yep, that's it! Just a string. Unless it's an array. If it's an array, it'll be concatenated slide by slide for a cool progressive reveal effect (less cool than it sounds). See the provided pslides.js for details.

You can use tags from colors-templ to add some ANSI color codes, etc., to your presentation.

Now, if you've installed presentate with -g, you can open up your presentation by doing:

$ presentate

And then you can quit your presentation by pressing Q or ESC.

If you pass in a filename ending in JS as an argument, it will try to open that file as the slides file (using node's require), instead of pslides.js.

If you pass in an integer as an argument, it will try to bind to that port number as a telnet server, so your presentation will also be available to people connecting to that port! This is useful in cases where video/visuals are unavailable or unsuitable, for remote sessions, or just for grins.

You may use both of the possible arguments at the same time if you want, in any order.

Advanced usage

If you include presentate in your node application, you can require it. The exported object is a function, so you can call it like this:

require('presentate')(slides, inputStream, outputStream, cb);

Where the slides are an array as above, inputStream is a readable stream and outputStream is a writable stream. You can use process.stdin and process.stdout for the default behavior. The presentation starts when you call the presentate function, and calls cb when the presentation finishes (by pressing Q or ESC in the presentation);


  • Top and left padding.
  • Options/config.
  • Slide templates.
  • Basic effects.
  • Interactive slides.
  • Slideshow mode.


See LICENSE file.

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