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npm install prime-util
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npm install prime-util

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Provides an alternative way to bind class methods. Stores references to bound methods internally without any manual setup and does not modify the original methods.

var bound = require("prime-util/prime/bound")

var MyPrime = prime({
    mixin: [bound],
    constructor: function(){
        this.results = []
    method: function(i){
    run: function(){
        [1, 2, 3].forEach(function(this.bound('method')))
        console.log(this.results) // [1, 2, 3]


Parentize makes it easier to call overridden parent methods.

var parentize = require('prime-util/prime/parentize')
var array = require('prime/array')

var A = prime({
    mixin: [parentize],
    a: function(){
        return array.join(arguments)
var B = prime({
    mixin: [parentize],
    inherits: A,
    a: function(){
        // first argument is the parent method name, in this case 'a'
        // the other parameters are passed as the parent method arguments
        return this.parent('a', 'b', 'c') + ',d'

var b = new B
console.log(b) // logs "b,c,d"


Provide "setOptions" method.

var prime = require('prime')
var Options = require('prime-util/prime/options')

var A = prime({
    mixin: [Options],

    options: {
        'a': 'aaa',
        'b': 'bbb',
        'c': {
            'd': 'ddd',
            'e': 'eee'

    constructor: function(options){


var a = new A({'b': 'B', 'c': {'e': 'E'}})
console.log(a.options); // {'a': 'aaa', 'b': 'B', 'c': {'d': 'ddd', 'e': 'E'}}


Creates an object with key-value pairs based on the array of keywords passed in and the current content of the array.

var animals = ['Cow', 'Pig', 'Dog', 'Cat']
var sounds = ['Moo', 'Oink', 'Woof', 'Miao']
associate(sounds, animals)
// returns {'Cow': 'Moo', 'Pig': 'Oink', 'Dog': 'Woof', 'Cat': 'Miao'}


Returns the last value of the array.

last([1, 2, 3]) // 3


Pushes the passed element into the array if it's not already present (case and type sensitive).

include(['Cow', 'Pig', 'Dog'], 'Cat') // returns ['Cow', 'Pig', 'Dog', 'Cat']
include(['Cow', 'Pig', 'Dog'], 'Dog') // returns ['Cow', 'Pig', 'Dog']


Empties an array.

var myArray = ['old', 'data']
empty(myArray)) // myArray is now []


Returns the first defined value of the array passed in, or null.

pick(["foo", "bar"]) // "foo"
pick([null, "bar"]) // "bar"


Merges different objects into one object.

var merge = require('prime-util/object/merge')
merge({a: 1}, {a: 2, b: 3}, {c: 4}) // {a: 2, b: 3, c: 4}

Removed Modules

The following modules have been removed:

  • prime/mixin
  • array/clean - use (mout/array/compact)
  • array/invoke - use (mout/array/invoke)
  • array/contains - use (mout/array/contains)
  • array/append - use (mout/array/append)
  • array/random - use (mout/random/choice)
  • array/combine - use (mout/array/combine)
  • array/find - use (mout/array/find)
  • object/merge - use (mout/array/merge)
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