Redmine Rest API Client for node.js with Promises/A+ compliance

npm install promised-redmine
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Redmine REST API Client for node.js implemented with promises/A+

This is a modified version of the original redmine module by sotarok using D.js to implement it as a promises/A+ compatible api.


  • support both http / https protocols
  • support basicAuth authentification
  • compatible with promises/A+
  • simple api
  • recursively retrieve issues until given date

Main methods

  • Issues
    • getIssues(params) return list of issues (max 100)
    • getIssue(id) return an issue details by its id
    • getAllIssuesSince(since,params) return all issues since given date (isoString or Date instance)
    • postIssue(params) create a new issue
    • updateIssue(id,params) update issue with given id
    • deleteIssue(id) delete an issue by its id
  • Users
    • getUsers(params) return list of users (max 100)
    • getUser(id) retrieve user details by its id
    • getUserCurrent() return current user (the one corresponding to the apiKey)
  • Projects
    • getProjects(params) get a list of projects (max 100)
    • getProject(id) return details about a single project by its id


Install from npm:

$ npm install promised-redmine
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