Connect server generating NPM downloads badges by author

npm install proud-connect
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proud-connect v0.0.4

Connect server generating NPM downloads badges by author


Build status dependencies devdependencies



npm install
node index.js

Badge / json information can be fetched `http://localhost:3000/username

Using the deployed Heroku app

bahmutov badge

Use Markdown:

![bahmutov badge](


<img src=""></img>

to generate number of total NPM downloads in the last month.


Because one should be proud of his work.

Small print

Author: Gleb Bahmutov © 2013

License: MIT - do anything with the code, but don't blame me if it does not work.

Spread the word: tweet, star on github, click endorse, etc.

Support: if you find any problems with this module, email / tweet / open issue on Github


0.0.4 / 2013-11-19

  • default image for unknown user, fixes #6
  • added expires header, fixes #4

0.0.3 / 2013-11-17

  • you can pass desired format as /username/png or /username/json fixes #8
  • added unit tests
  • added travis file
  • added test as pre-commit
  • added simple sanity test

0.0.2 / 2013-11-17

  • using grunt and grunt-readme, fixes #9, #10, #11
  • fixed concurrent problem

0.0.1 / 2013-11-13

  • images older than day will be regenerated
  • returning badge and keeping it in memory
  • working badge return or text, depending on request
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