fetches a list of proxies from

npm install proxynova
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Retreive a list of free http proxy servers from because sometimes it comes in handy


require('proxynova')([array of countries], [maximum latency], callback);

Retreive a list of free http proxies from

Provide [array of countries] such as ['fr', 'us'] to filter by specific countries.

Provide [maximum latency] as a number to filter the list only to proxies which can retreive within [maximum latency] milliseconds.

The callback is mandatory and accepts two arguments: (error, [proxies]) where [proxies] is an array of strings. See example.


var proxynova = require('proxynova');

//first 100 proxies
proxynova(function(err, proxies) {
  console.log(proxies[0]); //""

//proxies in US or France which respond within 1 second
proxynova(['us', 'fr'], 1000, function(err, proxies) {


I am not affiliated with proxynova in any way.

Proxynova has a 100 request per day limit on their API. This limit is enforced against this library, so you can only use this library 100 times per day per ip address. I suggest you cache responses for 15 minutes or so, especially if you filter by maximum latency as this is a non-trivial filtering (requests for each proxy)



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