A parametric SVG editor, creator, and compiler based on the work of Harmen Zijp, Peter Uithoven and others.

npm install psvg
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Parametric SVG template creator and interpreter.


psvg is a parametric SVG editor that lets you parameterize SVG files and swap out with user selectable values and calculations in a way that is similar to OpenSCAD but more interoperable with the 2d file formats used with laser cutters and CNC mills.

The original parametric-SVG-editor was written in 2011 by Harmen G. Zijp and Peter Uithoven. This is my attempt to modenize the code, make it a convenient client side application like Morkdown, fix some bugs and add some new featues.


Installing & Using

You'll need Google Chrome installed to use this.

npm install psvg -g

Once installed, you can run:

psvg <path to file.svg or file.psvg>


Additionally, much of the client wrapper code was borrowed from Morkdown

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