a tool to build static autoreload(livereload) server

npm install puer
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easy-to-use static server has livereload & debug(weinre integrated) function, can be used as connect-middleware


  1. update css when css file changed
  2. refresh page when other filetype changed
  3. weinre integrated use -i options
  4. connect-middleware
  5. easy extend by addon
  6. qrcode image at folder page
  7. local ips detect


npm -g install puer


Command line

in most cases

cd path/to/your/static/dir

full options

list options use puer -h

ubuntu-21:19 ~ $ puer -h

Usage:  puer [options...]

  -p,--port <port>  server's listen port, 8000 default
  -f,--filetype <typelist>  fileType to watch(split with '|'), defualt 'js|css|html|xhtml'
  -d,--dir <dir>  your customer working dir. default current dir 
  -i,--inspect    start weinre server and debug all puer page
  -x,--exclude    exclude file under watching(must be a regexp), default: ''
  -a,--addon <file> your addon's path
     --no-reload    close  auto-reload feature,(not recommended)
     --no-launch    close the auto launch feature
  -h,--help     help list

tips: you can use addon javascript to support other mineType, and other logic

module.exports = function(app, options){
  app.get(/(.*\.less)/, function(req, res){
    res.send("less file") // you can compile your less file

use as [connect|express]-middleware

var connect = require("connect")
var path = require("path")
var http = require("http")
var puer = require("puer")
var app = connect()
var server = http.createServer(app)

var options = {
    dir: "path/to/watch/folder", 
    ignored: /(\/|^)\..*|node_modules/  //ignored file

app.use(puer.connect(app, server , options))   //use as puer connect middleware
// you must use puer middleware before route and static midleware(before any middle may return 'text/html')
app.use("/", connect.static(__dirname))

server.listen(8001, function(){
    console.log("listen on 8001 port")


*. v0.1.0

  1. puer integretd with weinre now, you can pass -i to open, every puer page can inspect at 9001 port
  2. support qrcode img generate
  3. support local ip detect

*. v0.0.6 support connect middleware


  1. sync multiply browser's action (scroll,form-input,navigate) like Adobe Eadge inspect



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