Use PushBullets REST API

npm install pushbullet
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PushBullet API

A Node.js module for using the PushBullet REST API.


This module is very simple to use. All you need is your PushBullet API key and you can begin pushing.

var PushBullet = require('pushbullet');
var pusher = new PushBullet('YOUR-API-KEY');

pusher.devices(function(error, response) {
    // response is the JSON response from the API

pusher.note(deviceIden, noteTitle, noteBody, function(error, response) {
    // response is the JSON response from the API

Both device IDENs and device IDs can be used. If the deviceIden parameter is passed as a number it is treated as a device ID.


Each callback receives two arguments. For a successful request the first argument will be null or undefined and the second argument will be the parsed JSON response from the API.

If an error occurs at any part of the request the first argument will be an Error object.



Retrieves a list of pushable devices.

pusher.devices(function(error, response) {});

PushBullet.note(deviceIden, noteTitle, noteBody, callback)

Push a note to the specified device.

pusher.note('u1qSJddxeKwOGuGW', 'New Note', 'Note body text', function(error, response) {});

PushBullet.address(deviceIden, name, address, callback)

Push an address to the specified device.

pusher.address('u1qSJddxeKwOGuGW', 'Fake Address', '10 Fake Street, Fakesville', function(error, response) {});

PushBullet.list(deviceIden, name, listItems, callback)

Push a list to the specified device.

var shoppingList = [
pusher.list('u1qSJddxeKwOGuGW', 'BBQ', shoppingList, function(error, response) {});

Push a link to the specified device.

pusher.link('u1qSJddxeKwOGuGW', 'GitHub', 'https://github.com/', function(error, response) {});

PushBullet.file(deviceIden, filePath, callback)

Push a file to the specified device.

pusher.file('u1qSJddxeKwOGuGW', '/path/to/file', function(error, response) {});



  • Support and prefer using device IDENs over device IDs.


  • Use JSON post body rather than form encoding. Fixes empty lists.


  • Update API URL


  • Initial release
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