Easy configuration for node-pusher on Heroku

npm install pusher-url
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pusher-url is a package for Node.JS that makes it even easier to use the awesome Pusher service in a Node.JS app on Heroku.


Inside your Heroku-enabled app directory:

$ heroku addons:add pusher:sandbox
$ npm install pusher-url


By default configuration parameters are taken from the PUSHER_URL environment variable that Heroku automatically sets for you when you add the Pusher addon. For local development you might want to set it on your local machine as well (grab the URL from heroku config and set it with export PUSHER_URL=<url>. Check autoenv if you don't save keystrokes.

// get connection parameters from environment
var pusher = require('pusher-url').connect();

// set a specific URL
var pusher = require('pusher-url').connect('http://<key>:<secret>@api.pusherapp.com/apps/<appid>');



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