Pushover.net command line client

npm install pushover-cli
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Pushover.net CLI Utility

A handy utility to push notifications to your device from a command line tool.


pushover [FLAGS] <MESSAGE>


Get the utility version:

-V | --version

Set the Pushover application token. (Default is the $PUSHOVER_TOKEN env):

-T <API_TOKEN> | --token <API_TOKEN>

Set the receiving user/group id. (Default is the $PUSHOVER_USER env):

-u <USER_ID> | --user <USER_ID>

Optionally set the message title:

-t <TITLE> | --title <TITLE>

Optionally set the notification sound:

-s <SOUND> | --sound <SOUND>

Optionally set the message priority: (-1,0,1 default:0)

-p <PRIORITY> | --prioroty <PRIORITY>


sleep 5 && pushover "Console command finished successfully"
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