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npm install pushup
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pushup - upload to S3

David DM

The pushup Node.js module uploads files to a S3 bucket. Its main purpose is to upload the changed files in the last commit (of a git repository). However, you can also use it to simply copy files or directories to S3. Pushup wraps the putFile function of knox into a Transform stream.

CLI Usage

pushup git-repo
pushup file ...
pushup directory

In the first synopsis form, pushup uploads the content of the git-repo's latest commit. In the second synopsis form, a list of files is copied to S3; while in the third form, a directory and its entire subtree is copied. If you pushup without arguments, the current directory will be used.

As pushup attempts to get the AWS security credentials from its environment, you may export them:

export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=<api-key-here>
export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<secret-here>
export S3_BUCKET=bigkahuna
export S3_REGION=us-standard

Library Usage

Push latest commit to S3

var showf = require('showf')
  , pushup = require('pushup')
  , repo = 'path/to/repo'

var opts = {
  , key: '<api-key-here>'
  , secret: '<secret-here>'
  , bucket: 'bigkahuna'
  , region: 'us-standard'


Copy files to S3

var es = require('event-stream')
  , pushup = require('pushup')
  , files = ['path/to/file-1', 'path/to/file-2']

  .pipe(pushup(opts)) // opts like above

Copy directory and its entire subtree to S3

var Reader = require('fstream').Reader
  , cop = require('cop')
  , pushup = require('pushup')
  , relative = require('path').relative
  , path = 'path/to/directory'
  , reader = new Reader({ path:'.'} )


  .pipe(pushup(opts)) // opts like above

function filter (obj) {
  var isFile = obj.type === 'File'
  return isFile ? relative(process.cwd(), obj.path) : undefined


The pushup module exports a single function that returns a Transform stream, to which you can write filenames, and from which you can read target URLs. A target URL is emitted for each successful upload to S3.

  • opts
    • key Access key ID (a 20-character, alphanumeric string).
    • secret Secret access key (a 40-character string).
    • bucket Amazon S3 bucket name.
    • region AWS region.

The options are passed to knox. See here for further information.


This event fires when uploading of a file begins. The file is streamed to S3. The entry objects, provided by knox, emit 'progress' events with following properties: written, total, and percent.



To pushup from the command-line:

npm install -g pushup


MIT License

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