Object system for common usage; Base object class, Q.Object with power of extension, mixin, creation

npm install q-atom
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A extensible object system for both server end and client end. Part of [Project Q](http://elfvision.com/projects/Q). A universal application frameworks for enterprise JavaScript!


###Base Object
We have a powerful base object, you can mix-in any properties.

		var foo = Q.Object.create({
			"bar": "foo.bar"
All class derive from *Q.Object*
		var Bar = Q.Object.extend({
			"props": "value"

		var Foo = Bar.extend({
			"props": "value1",
			"nice": "day"
		var Cow = Foo.extend(Speakable, Lovable, {
		  "name": "A Cow"

Using *#create* method or *new* keyword

		var bar = Bar.create();
		var foo = new Foo();

You can pass a hash to override its default properties.

		var foo1 = new Foo({
			"props": "value2"

###Overridden Methods
You can access the overridden method by *arguments.callee.base*
		var SuperFoo = Foo.extend({
			foo: function() {}
		var SuperFooBar = SuperFoo.extend({
			foo: function() {
				//call super!
				arguments.callee.base.apply(this, arguments);
				//my own logics

Object designator using newly introduced API in Javascript 1.8.5:
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