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npm install query-stream
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create autosuggest widgets with a async function.

create a query stream:

var query = require('query-stream')
var qs = query(function (query, cb) {
  //make request to 
  make_query_to_wherever(query, cb)

then, write queries to it:


//if you change your query it retries the search

qs.write('some stuff')

output chunks will look like this:

//assuming get(q, cb) calls back a string
"samestuff not found",
"CLEAR", //this means new results

"CLEAR" is a special message. it means that the following is a new response, and the display should clear previous elements.


Pipe a input field into this, and out to a list. NOTE, this stuff isn't implemented yet! But it will look something like this: ``` js //input-stream creates a stream of DOM events. inputStream('#query', 'onchange', function (e) { return e.value }).pipe(qs) //element stream adds elements to a given root Element. .pipe(elementStream('#results', function (e) { if(e === 'CLEAR') return this.root.removeAllChildren() return '

  • '+e+'
  • ' })



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