Express site generator using twitter bootstrap

npm install quickstrap
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QuickStrap - Thin wrapper around express.js executable to create express template site with twitter bootstrap


You can install it directly from npm:

npm install -g quickstrap


You use quickstrap much the same way you would use the express executable itself:

Example: quickstrap MySite -e

This will create an express site called MySite using EJS. Below are the options that express supports:


-h, --help output usage information
-V, --version output the version number
-s, --sessions add session support
-e, --ejs add ejs engine support (defaults to jade) (in quickstrap this also adds support for ejs-layouts)
-J, --jshtml add jshtml engine support (defaults to jade) (this actually doesn't work with Express 3.0, though quickstrap does add the files in the right place for future express releases)
-H, --hbs add handlebars.js engine support (in express this is for Hogan, however in quickstrap this is for handlebars.js support)
-c, --css add stylesheet support (less|stylus) (defaults to plain css) (Currently supports css and LESS)
-f, --force force on non-empty directory


Add support for SASS
Add support for stylus
Clean up / add proper console output

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