Simple server for reporting the results of qunit tests run against node.js applications.

npm install qunit-ui
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npm install qunit-ui

For node-inspector integration:

npm install node-inspector



Or to specify other options:

    testPath: 'path/to/tests.js',
    codePath: 'path/to/code.js',
    uiPort: 12000,
    inspectorPort: 12001,
    debugPort: 12002

Go to http://localhost:12000/ to run tests. If node-inspector is installed, a debug link is provided to step into first line of test runner.

To run the sample tests, get the source (or copy the two files to the folder you just installed qunit-ui to), set the current working directory to the Tests directory and run:

node tests.js


Feel free to use this project, but keep in mind that it is a hack and has no future. It is bootstrapping the development of a much more powerful test runner, built on http://tribejs.com/.

There are no unit tests.

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