Shared Rackspace Express middleware.

npm install rackspace-shared-middleware
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Rackspace Shared Express Middleware

Shared Rackspace Express middleware.

Build status

Build Status

Available middleware

Access Logger

Log express access attempts using logamgic.

Transaction ID

Attaches transaction id to every request and return it in the response inside the X-Response-Id header.

Body size limiter

Middleware which accepts and limits the maximum size of the request body.

Allow JavaScript XHR

A middleware which responds to any OPTIONS requests with a 204 and an Access control Response.

Body parser

Middleware which uses Swiz definitions to parse a request body.


A middleware which deserializes the request body and performs a validation on it using the provided Valve object. This middleware must be used in combination with body parser one.


A middleware which uses instruments library to record how long the request processing took.


This library is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license.

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