requestAnimationFrame polyfill library

npm install raf
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browser support

reqeustAnimationFrame polyfill for browserify.

var raf = require('raf')
  , canvas = document.getElementById('opengl')

  .on('data', function(dt) {
    console.log('difference in time is '+dt+'ms')


raf([optional element], [optional tick function]) -> event emitter

returns a event emitter that immediately starts emitting 'data' events representing animation frames for a given element (or for the entire window, if no element is passed).

if you pass a function as the first or second argument it will get called on every tick. this is a convenience method for the example above that binds to the data event, e.g. raf().on('data', tickFunction) is the same as raf(tickFunction) or raf(el, tickFunction)

ee.pause() / ee.resume()

pauses or resumes the events coming out of ee.

the dt on the next event after a resume will represent the difference between the last rendered frame and the newest frame.


the polyfilled requestAnimationFrame function.



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