This helper can help you set your API routes/actions rapidly based on Express.js

npm install rapidly
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This is an API helper built on Express.js, with this, you can rapidly manage your own API paths/actions on the fly.


npm install -g rapidly



rapidly [options]


-h, --help          output usage information
-V, --version       output the version number
build [schemaName]  Build Necessary Files/Directories
--rebuild           Rebuild the Schema File 


  • Generate your API routes by rapidly first

  • Set up Rapidly on the top of server.js ( express.js entry point )

var Rapidly = require('rapidly');
  • Set Rapidly route on the last part of your routes settings ( Make sure Rapidly would not override your routes ). You can change the path to your api routes ( In the example setting, all requests passed into http://myDomain/api/XXXXX would be routed to Rapidly )
app.all('/api/*', new Rapidly);


  • When using rapidly, remember to change current directory to the root path of your Express.js App. Otherwise, rapidly would generate files in a wrong place.

  • Because Rapidly is based on express.js, it would be better to include some validation / sanisization logic here. For me, I will try to include express-validator to help.

  • Set up expressValidator on the top of server.js ( express.js entry point )

var expressValidator = require('express-validator');
  • Use expressValidator middleware for express.js


EragonJ ( Chia-Lung, Chen )


MIT License

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