an rdf parser for node.js

npm install rdflib
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This is a library for working with RDF on the web.


Originally targetted at the AJAX environment in the browser, it can also be used server side with for example Node.js.

Possible out of date information is available from here:


This is a linked data library, which can look up data on the web as it goes.

  • Reads and writes RDF/xml, turtle and N3.
  • Read/Write Linked Data client, using WebDav or SPARQL/Update
  • Parses RDF/a. (rdflib-rdfa.js version only)
  • Local API for querying store
  • SPARQL queries (not full SPARQL)
  • Smushing of nodes from owl:sameAs, and owl:{f,inverseF}unctionProperty
  • Tracks provence of triples keeps metadata (in RDF) from HTTP accesses


  • dist Run 'make' in this directory to generate dist in whch libraries are buit
  • test Tests are here.


jQuery   (rdfa version only)
jQuery, XMLHTTPRequest (Node.js version)


Install the Node Package Manager https://npmjs.org/ As root run

$ npm install -g coffee-script nodeunit

Run make to generate the dist directory


Thanks to the many contributors who have been involved along the way. LinkedData team & TimBL

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