mixin to add one-time ready event callback handler

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NodeJS mixin to add one-time ready event


Events are great. You should use events, but not for signaling ready! Ready implies state, and once you are ready, you stay ready.

This is a module for everyone who has bound an event handler.on('ready', function() {}) that doesn't execute because you added the handler after the 'ready' event already fired.


If you use this mixin, you must have 'ready', '_ready', and '_readyCallbacks' available on your class. Ready will stomp on these variables if you're trying to use them in your class.


var ready = require('ready');

// example class that uses Ready
function MyClass() {
  this.someProperty = 'some value';

// Normal class prototype functions
MyClass.prototype.doSomeWork = function() {}; 

// Create a new class that uses ready mixin
var myClass = new MyClass();

// Add callback for when myClass is ready
myClass.ready(function() {
  console.log('I am now ready');


// We are now ready, fire callbacks!

// Adding a new callback once we're already ready gets executed immediately
myClass.ready(function() {
  console.log('I came late to the party, but I will still execute.');

// Ok, you can set the ready state to false now as well... for whatever reason
myClass.ready(function() {
  console.log('I will not fire until you set ready to true again.');
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