Simple pub/sub interface to Redis

npm install redis-pubsub
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redis-pubsub provides a simple interface to a single pub/sub channel on a Redis server. Build Status

var pubsub = require('redis-pubsub');

// Subscribe to channel 'foobar' on a local server.
var channel = pubsub.createChannel(6379, 'localhost', 'foobar');
channel.on('connect', function() {
    channel.on('message', function(msg) {
    channel.send({ greeting: 'Hello world!' });

Waiting for the connect event is optional. The converse is the end event.

Messages are serialized to JSON by default, so you can send regular objects across the wire. If this is undesirable, set the raw property:

var channel = pubsub.createChannel(...);
channel.raw = true;

There are two alternate ways to create a channel:

  • Using an existing RedisClient as the publisher. This will 'clone' the connection for the subscriber, using the same host, port and options.

     var client = redis.createClient(...);
     var channel = pubsub.createChannel(client, channel);
  • Explicitely specify both publisher and subscriber clients. This allows for sharing subscribers, or master-slave setups.

     var publisher = redis.createClient(...);
     var subscriber = redis.createClient(...);
     var channel = pubsub.createChannel(publisher, subscriber, channel);

In either case, provided RedisClient instances will never be closed on end(). Instances created by redis-pubsub itself will be, and will also have their error events re-emitted on the channel object.

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