Redis remember me middleware for connect

npm install redis-rememberme
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Redis Rememberme

This is connect middleware creating remember me functionality to sit alongside connect_redis. It uses the remember me method described here and detects whether the cookie has been stolen or not.


$ npm install redis-rememberme

You will also need to have connect-redis installed and configured (this piggy backs of its client connection)


Are almost the same as the connect session middleware with the added redisStore

- `key` cookie name defaulting to connect.sid
- `redisStore` connect-redis instance
- `secret` session cookie is signed with this secret to prevent tampering
- `cookie` session cookie settings, defaulting to { path: '/', httpOnly: true, maxAge: null }
- `proxy` trust the reverse proxy when setting secure cookies (via "x-forwarded-proto")

Usage (with an express app)

var RedisStore = require('connect-redis')(express)
  , RememberMe = require('redis-rememberme');

// Do some setup for the RedisStore to give you redisStore
var rememberMeSettings = {
    cookie: {
      maxAge: 24*3600*1000 * 30 // 30 Days in ms
    secret: 'secret,
    redisStore: redisStore,
    key: 'cookie-name'
app.use(new RememberMe(rememberMeSettings));

This will create some extra properties on the req and res object. To destroy the rememberme session simply call req.rememberme.destroy(). To check whether a cookie has been stolen test req.rememberme.stolen. To set a remember me cookie for a user simply add res.rememberme = {userid: '1234'} or whatever in your routes.

You can also listen to rememberMe.worker for the cleanup and cleaned events to determine when cleanup is about to and has happened.

For more details have a look at the tests...



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