Validate and parse Redis URI connection schemes

npm install redisuri
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Validate and parse Redis URI connection schemes

Redis URI Connection Scheme

The URI connection scheme expects the following parameters:

  • redis://: Required. A protocol prefix to indentifying this as URI connection format.
  • auth@: Optional. If specified, AUTH password used to connect to the redis database.
  • host: Required. A network location (e.g. hostname or IP address) of the redis server.
  • :port: Optional. The server port assigned to the redis process. Defaults to 6379.
  • /database: Optional. An available redis database number. Defaults to 0.



Parse the passed uri into an object containing four properties: auth, host, port, db. Note that if no AUTH password is provided, the auth property is set to null.

var redisuri = require('redisuri');

// => { auth: null, host: 'localhost', port: 6379, db: 0 }

// => { auth: authstring, host: '', port: 6379, db: 7 }


Ensures that the passed uri contains the redis: protocol and specifies a hostname. Throws a TypeError if either condition fails. If successful, returns the passed uri for convienient chaining with redisURI.parse.

var redisuri = require('redisuri');

var uri = 'redis://localhost:6379';
var bad = 'localhost';

// => 'redis://localhost:6379'

// => TypeError: A protocol must be specified in the Redis URI connection scheme (e.g. redis:)


npm test


PRs are welcome! For bugs, please include a failing test which passes when your PR is applied.

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