Node.js client for the reflecta_rbot1 interface for RocketBot functions like animation, fire, light

npm install reflecta_rbot1
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reflecta_rbot1 binds the functions animation, fire, light, pan, tilt, compressor, and valve to the rbot1 interface. This is the Arduino library for RocketBot, a pneumatic rocket launching robot.

Stability: Medium

Calling reflecta_rbot1 from NodeJS

Simply load reflecta using

npm install reflecta
var reflecta = require('reflecta');

reflecta.detect(function(error, boards, ports) {

    board = boards[0];

    if (board.rbot1) {
        board.rbot1.animation('1'); // play animation 1, 'moving'

Reflecta will use npm to install and load this library automatically if the Arduino exposes the 'rbot1' interface.

A simple but complete example can be found in the node-reflecta project.

Release History

  • 0.1.0
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