An AMD loader plugin for loading html resources.

npm install require-html
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A RequireJS/AMD loader plugin for loading html fragments from plain text html files.

Known to work in RequireJS, but should work in other AMD loaders that support the same loader plugin API.

It requires text plugin from requirejs to work.


Use very like text plugin from requirejs, and it will return documentFragment

    function(html) {
        console.log(html); // documentFragment
        console.log(html); // empty documentFragment
        html.stash(); // documentFragment restored
        console.log(html.path) // some/module.html
        console.log(html.source) // source code from some/module.html


Dual-licensed -- new BSD or MIT.


All template engines are reinventing the weel. DOM is powerfull enough to work with templates. For client you can use jquery or modern browser methods manipulate you documentFragment generated by the html.

For the server side is possible to use domjs.


No docs yet.

Latest release

The latest release is always available from the "latest" tag.

It can also be installed using volo:

volo add gartz/html
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