Namespace support for node.js, making it easy to require an entire directory.

npm install require-namespace
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When you require modules in node.js you include the path to the file which means that moving files break dependent modules.

To avoid that issue the new notion of a namespace allows you to require a dependency in a way that is more loosely coupled to the directory structure on disk.


$ npm install require-namespace


During initialisation you synchronously create a namespace and associate it with a directory:

global.domain = namespace.createSync('domain', __dirname + '/domain/')

At this point the directory is recursively scanned and a record of each file is kept. Since we saved the namespace to a global variable we can then require files from it like this:

var LinkContentProcessor = domain.require('LinkContentProcessor')

That require will work if there was a file called 'LinkContentProcessor' anywhere within the directory we used when creating the namespace.

If we don't want to use a global variable for the namespace then requiring becomes a bit more wordy:

var domain = require('require-namespace')('domain')
var LinkContentProcessor = domain.require('LinkContentProcessor')


The project comes with an example that you can run using

node examples/simple.js


The tests use vows and can be run using:

vows spec/*_spec.js

What next

  • More tests
  • More examples
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