Browserify plugin to access all modules from browser console

npm install requireify
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Browserify v2 transform to allow access to all modules from browser console

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Install requireify locally to your project:

npm install requireify --save-dev

Then use it as Browserify transform module with -t:

browserify --transform requireify main.js > bundle.js
// /index.js
exports = module.exports = {
  hello: 'world'

// /foo/dep.js

var dep = require('./foo/dep');
console.log(dep.hello); // world

Now, inside your browser console, you can look up every module on the global require

>> var hello = require('/foo/dep').hello;
>> console.log(hello); // world

You can also include all libraries in the browser console that have been installed using npm and used in your browserify'd code.

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