A SimpleDB backend for the Flatiron Resourceful framework.

npm install resourceful-simpledb
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A SimpleDB back-end for Resourceful.

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To run the tests you'll need to add your AWS keys. This can be done by copying config/environment.yaml to config/test.yaml and adding your keys, before running npm test.

Using the module

See the tests for some quick examples of how to use the library. More substantial help is available at the Resourceful site.

Note that each field of data is converted before being sent to SimpleDB so as to allow for sorting. For example, the number 42 will be converted to number:0000000042, to ensure that it is lower in the sort order than 2577689 (which would become number:0002577689). The data is converted again when being read so your application will never see the normalised data, but it does mean that if you are using other tools to view your data on SimpleDB you'll need to account for the datatypes.

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