Restify middleware built on top of the validator package.

npm install restify-validator2
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restify-validator2 is middleware for restify that integrates with the node-validator module.

restify-validator2 borrows some ideas from restify-validator, but differs in how it specifies where to find the data to be verified. The original restify-validator's req.check method always looks for values in req.params, restify-validator2 allows you to specify an object to pull that value from (i.e. req.body, req.params, etc.).


npm install restify-validator2


var restify = require('restify');
var restifyValidator = require('restify-validator2');
var app = restify.createServer();

app.use(restify.bodyParser({ mapParams: false }));
app.use(restify.queryParser({ mapParams: false }));
app.use(restifyValidator.validatorPlugin);'/:urlparam', function(req, res) {
  // Make sure `urlparam` exists in parameters parsed from the route
  req.check(req.params, 'urlparam').notEmpty();

  // Make sure `queryparam` exists in parameters parsed from the query string
  req.check(req.query, 'queryparam').notEmpty();

  // Make sure `bodyparam` exists in parameters parsed from the request body
  req.check(req.body, 'bodyparam').notEmpty();

  var validatorErrorResponse = req.getValidatorErrorResponse();
  if (validatorErrorResponse) {
    return next()

    urlparam: req.params['urlparam'],
    queryparam: req.query['queryparam'],
    bodyparam: req.body['bodyparam']

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