Retire is a tool for detecting use of vulnerable libraries

npm install retire
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Command line scanner looking for use of known vulnerable js files and node modules in web projects and/or node projects.


npm install -g retire


Usage: retire [options]


-h, --help         output usage information
-V, --version      output the version number

-p, --package      limit node scan to packages where parent is mentioned in package.json (ignore node_modules)
-n, --node         Run node dependency scan only
-j, --js           Run scan of JavaScript files only
-v, --verbose      Show identified files (by default only vulnerable files are shown)

--jspath <path>    Folder to scan for javascript files
--nodepath <path>  Folder to scan for node files
--path <path>      Folder to scan for both
--jsrepo <path>    Local version of repo
--noderepo <path>  Local version of repo
--proxy <url>      Proxy url (http://some.sever:8080)
--ignore <paths>   Comma delimited list of paths to ignore

Source code / Reporting an issue

The source code and issue tracker can be found at

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