serial connector to univelop RFID reader

npm install rfidgeek
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Simple rfidgeek adaptor to Node.js

This adaptor is primarily made for the Univelop 500 RFID reader/writer made by Texas Instruments.

This reader supports the following tags:

  • ISO15693
  • ISO14443A
  • ISO14443B


Uses event emitters for passing tag and content, which can be captured by instantiating an Rfidgeek object thus:

var Rfidgeek = require('rfidgeek'); 
var rfid = new Rfidgeek();

To initialize reader:


Then to activate the scan loop:


And to deactivate:


Alternatively, the controller can be passed to an included websocket server, which in turn broadcasts to any websocket client connected at port 8080.

var Rfidgeek = require('rfidgeek'); 
var rfid = new Rfidgeek({
  websocket: true

For now uses the tagfound and rfiddata events.

The full range of options (including defaults in parantheses) are:

debug:     ('none')                      // show debug information, possible values: 'none', 'error', 'debug'
websocket: (false)                       // activate websocket server at port 8080
portname:  ('/dev/ttyUSB0')              // device path to reader
tagtype:   ('ISO15693')                  // type rfid ['ISO15693', 'ISO14443A', 'ISO14443B', 'TAGIT']
scaninterval:   (1000)                   // interval between each scan, tested down to 100ms
readerconfig:   ('./univelop_500b.json') // path to json config for rfid commands
length_to_read: (8)                      // total length to read from ISO15693
bytes_per_read:  (1)                     // chunk length to read from ISO15693

For more options check the rfid.js file

Note, there is work on the reader in Python:


and in Ruby:


License is MIT

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