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npm install rhapsody
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RhapsodyJS is a HMVC framework that runs on top of Express 4.

Surf the documentation files to understand any of the features, and see the example project on the RhapsodyJS repository to see some examples.

Install RhapsodyJS

To install RhapsodyJS, you must run the command:

    $ npm install rhapsody --global

New app

To generate a new RhapsodyJS app, you should go to the folder where your app folder will be, and then run:

    $ rhapsody new APP_NAME

Where APP_NAME is the name of your app

This will generate the basic structure of your app

So do

    $ cd APP_NAME
    $ rhapsody run

And then your app will be running in localhost:4242


Click here to see RhapsodyJS documentation


Click here to see some example apps

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