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npm install rice
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Rice is inspired by the Wheat blog engine using doT for templating and markdown support (wheat + jade = rice... even though jade is no longer used).


Rice requires a folder structure like so:

  • Root
    • posts/ *contains .md files
    • public/
      • stylesheets
        • contains .css files
      • images
        • contains images, such as backgrounds, favicons, etc.
    • templates/
      • contains .dot doT template files

A complete example can be found in the examples directory.

Project Outline

  • Blog entries stored as .markdown files in a Git repository
  • Walk through the articles directory
  • Generate routes based on article titles
  • Generate HTML by plugging the article markdown into the doT template

Project Goals

  • Leverage existing Node modules for as much functionality as possible
  • Be lean, quick to setup, and easily deployable to Heroku and other cloud services
  • No reliance on a database
  • Run my personal blog
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